Allen-Bradley 2755-DS

Allen-Bradley 2755-DS
Allen-Bradley 2755-DS







The Allen-Bradley 2755-DS Enhanced Bar Code Decoder is available in a variety of configurations providing application flexibility.

For example, the single-head decoders (2755-DS1A or 2755-DS4A) have one scanner port while the dual-head decoders (2755-DD1A or 2755-DD4A) have two. Plus, each decoder is available in a NEMA Type 1 or Type 4 enclosure.

Other options available for the Allen-Bradley 2755-DS decoder include and LCD Display, and an I/O Module Board supporting up to eight output modules.

In addition, Allen-Bradley offers a full line of accessories to support the decoders including scanners, package detectors, and cables.

Buy Part# Series Revision MSRP Price QOH Condition Description
2755-DS-1A $1,800.00 $795.00 11 Used Single-Head, NEMA Type 1
2755-DS-1A-R1 B C $795.00 1 Used
2755-DS-4A $795.00 2 Used
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