Allen-Bradley 2755-LD8

Allen-Bradley 2755-LD8
Allen-Bradley 2755-LD8


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Durably designed to withstand heavy-duty use in industrial applications, the 2755-LD8 is ideal for automated manufacturing, process control, route automation, and shipping systems.

This fixed-mount scanner which uses a Visible Laser Diode (VLD) for non-contact scanning. The laser generates a small, concentrated light beam that exits the scan window. Light, reflected off the bar code symbols, passes back through the window and is detected by a light sensor. The signal is then sent to a decoder for further processing.

The 2755-LD8 is ideal for use in a variety of industrial applications.

The unit is housed in a durable steel enclosure that is sealed against dirt and dust.

Buy Part# Series Revision Price QOH Condition Description
2755-LD8A1 A C $995.00 9 Used NEMA Type 1 Connector, 4-30-mils
2755-LD8A1X $995.00 3 Used
2755-LD8B1 A C $995.00 3 Used NEMA Type 1 Connector, 6-35-mils
2755-LD8B1 A C $1,295.00 1 New (Old Stock) NEMA Type 1 Connector, 6-35-mils
2755-LD8C1 A D $995.00 2 Used NEMA Type 1 Connector, 9-50-mils

2755-LD8A4 A C $1,295.00 New (Old Stock) NEMA Type 4 Connector, 4-30-mils
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