Allen-Bradley 2755-L4

Allen-Bradley 2755-L4
Allen-Bradley 2755-L4





The Allen-Bradley 2755-L4 Material Handling Scan Head provides reliable fixed scanning capability.

The slim design of this unit makes for easy installation in narrow places.

The 2755-L4 is ideal for use in a variety of industrial applications.

The unit is housed in a durable steel enclosure that is sealed against dirt and dust.

Buy Part# Series Revision Price QOH Condition
2755-L4FAA B A $1,195.00 2 Used
2755-L4FCA B A $1,195.00 2 Used
2755-L4FX2 B A $1,195.00 1 Used
2755-L4RAA B A $1,195.00 4 Used
2755-L4RCA B A $1,195.00 2 Used
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