Symbol SPT-1500

Symbol SPT-1500
Symbol SPT-1500


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Symbol Technologies has maximized efficiency, functionality and productivity in a new pocket-sized Palm Powered device. Equipped with the latest processing technology and features, the SPT-1500 is a powerful productivity tool ,enabling users to capture and manage data faster and easier than ever.

They are 100% compatible with Palm OS® hardware and software and offers mobile professionals significant advantages with benefits in data capture, information access and computing power.

The SPT-1500 feature an integrated scan engine and conveniently placed scan triggers, enabling fast, efficient, and accurate data capture. This is the smallest, lightest, and brightest engine available today, enabling it to deliver premium performance barcode scanning.

The SPT 1500 come with a generous 8 MB of RAM and 4 MB of ROM, for application or data storage needs, and its 33MHz processor allows applications to run at peak speeds, keeping pace with business demands. With its touch-based graphical interface, push-button controls, and back lit 160 x 160 pixel display, they are easy to use, even outdoors or in dimly lit spaces. Two AAA batteries deliver hours of power, or an optional rechargeable NiMH battery kit is available.The SPT 1500 support both single and multi-slot cradles for flexible host communications in most network and user environments.

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Description Comes with Notes
SPT1500-ZRG20200 $295.00 3 Used 2MB RAM, 2MB ROM, US
SPT1500-ZRG20200 $395.00 1 New (Old Stock) 2MB RAM, 2MB ROM, US Case Not in original box
SPT1500-ZRG20200E $295.00 5 Used 2MB RAM, 2MB ROM, US
SPT1500-ZRG2020CL $295.00 2 Used CLEAR CASE, 2MB RAM, 2MB ROM, US
SPT1500-ZRG40400E $295.00 5 Used 4MB RAM, 4MB ROM, US
SPT1500-ZRG40400E $395.00 4 New (Old Stock) 4MB RAM, 4MB ROM, US

SPT1500-ZRG40400 $295.00 Used 4MB RAM, 4MB ROM, US
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Desktop Cradles Symbol CRD1500-1000, Symbol CRD1500-4000, Symbol SPT-1500 Hotsync Cradle
Desktop Docking Stations Portsmith PS6PM5M, Palm VII Dock
Holsters/Cases/Belts Accessories Symbol SPT-1500 Case
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