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Symbol SPT-1800
Symbol SPT-1800





The Symbol SPT-1800 Series of rugged mobile computers combines integrated scanning, sophisticated wireless connectivity and powerful processing capability with the Palm OS® platform. With 1-D bar code data capture and batch or wireless local area network (WLAN) communications, it is a powerful productivity-enhancing tool, serving the multiple needs of today's growing mobile workforce.

The combination of rugged durability, integrated 1-D bar code data capture and wireless WLAN communication enables users in a variety of industries to capture and manage data anywhere.

Tough enough for use in manufacturing and industrial environments, the SPT 1800 Series, which includes the SPT-1846, enables the Palm OS to perform practically anywhere. The rugged housing is sealed to IP54 standards for protection against rain and dust, and withstands 4 ft./1.2 m drops to concrete.

Symbol's state-of-the-art scan engine with bright, easy to see scan line, delivers premium scanning performance under virtually any lighting condition-even sunlight or bright artificial light. A high-contrast, anti-reflective liquid crystal display makes data easy to read in low lighting or outdoor conditions.

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