Accu-Sort Model 24i

Accu-Sort Model 24i
Accu-Sort Model 24i


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The Model 24i Series, Accu-Sort's high performance, long-range line scanner, rounds out the top end of our Model 20 line scanner family. It offers reading ranges and scan rates far greater than those of our Model 22 and is available in 24i (internal logic) or 24e (external logic) versions.

A wide scan angle coupled with powerful A/D circuitry provides an extremely large performance envelope for any bar code.

The Model 24 Series II is designed to be compatible with various communications methods, including Ethernet, Profibus, and DeviceNet. With its advanced optical design, the Model 24 Series II can handle almost any line scanning application.

The advanced DSP decoder logic board uses Accu-Sort's patented DRX® technology to eliminate the need for linear scanning.

See also: Accu-Sort Model 24e

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