Accu-Sort Model 20

Accu-Sort Model 20
Accu-Sort Model 20




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The Accu-Sort Model 20 is an inexpensive moving beam scanner that's state-of-the-art scanning optics are designed to take the guesswork out of fixed position scanning applications. The unit's flexibility and performance allows the Model 20 to read the most commonly used bar code densities at pre-defined mounting distances.

Using surface mount technology, a solid-state laser, and a brush-less DC motor, we have designed a scanning system into one of the smallest package available. The NEMA 12 extruded aluminum enclosure measures just 2.6" x 2.1" x 1.4" (6.6 cm x 5.3 cm x 3.6 cm) and provides protection for internal components in almost any harsh industrial environment.

The Model 20 uses an advanced RISC microprocessor to decode scanned data at very high rates and perform various application functions. The standard configuration provides 13 code types with auto-discrimination of eight bar code symbologies at once. Two parallel outputs selectable for valid and non-valid codes provide external signals to operate small relays.

Accu -Setup for Small Scanners program provides easy-to-use Windows-based scanner setup (CRT or host on-line commands are also available). The Model 20 communicates to the host via RS-232-C, RS-422, RS-485 multidrop, or optional 20mA current loop (active or passive).

The compact Model 20 optical decoding and I/O features can accommodate a wide variety of scanning applications. Its small size and single power source enable easy integration into automatic test equipment, chemical analyzers, document scanning systems, print verification, or any fixed position bar code scanning application requiring low-cost non-contact bar code scanners.

Typical Applications Include: Automated and manual specimen tracking; Package content verification; Automated document handling; and Bar code verification during the printing and binding process.

See also: Omron V550-A20

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Color
20 BR1 $1,250.00 $595.00 7 Used High Density
20 BZ $1,250.00 $595.00 1 Used High Density
20 C $1,250.00 $595.00 1 Used High Speed
20 RBZ $1,250.00 $595.00 2 Used High Density
20 ZR1 $1,250.00 $595.00 10 Used
20-SERIESII AD $1,250.00 $895.00 1 Used Standard
20-SERIESII B $1,250.00 $895.00 3 Used High Density
20-SERIESII C $1,250.00 $895.00 1 Used High Speed Blue

20 A $1,250.00 $595.00 Used Standard

20 AD $1,250.00 $895.00 New (Old Stock) Standard

20 AD $1,250.00 $595.00 Used Standard

20 AZ $1,250.00 $595.00 Used Standard

20 B $1,250.00 $595.00 Used High Density

20 B $1,250.00 $895.00 New (Old Stock) High Density

20 BD $1,250.00 $795.00 Used High Density

20 BR2 $1,250.00 $595.00 Used High Density

20 Z $1,250.00 $895.00 New (Old Stock)

20-SERIESII A $1,250.00 $895.00 Used Standard Blue

20-SERIESII BR1 $1,250.00 $895.00 Used Blue

20-SERIESII CR2 $1,250.00 $895.00 Used Blue

MODEL-20 $1,250.00 $895.00 New (Old Stock) 90° Scan Head

MODEL-20 $1,250.00 $595.00 Used 90° Scan Head
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