Omron V550-A20

Omron V550-A20
Omron V550-A20




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The Omron model V550-A20 barcode scanner provides highly accurate reads even from skewed or low-quality labels. Its automatic laser control feature automatically adjusts for bar codes of varying color, contrast and reflectance.

A wide scan angle enables close-distance scanning.

With the scanner and decoder integrated into one compact package, the V550-A20 bar code reader measures only 2.56" (L) x 2.12" (W) x 1.41" (H).

This NEMA 12-rated enclosed bar code reader is small enough and sturdy enough for installation in harsh, space-confined factory environments and machinery.

See also: Accu-Sort Model 20

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description
V550-A20HS $1,250.00 $695.00 1 New (Old Stock) standard optics and high speed motor
V550A20HD $1,250.00 $595.00 1 Used high density optics
V550A20HDR1 $1,250.00 $595.00 1 Used high density optics and 1" raster at 10

V550A20HSR1 $1,250.00 $595.00 Used standard optics, high speed motor and 1" raster at 10", CR1HX4
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