Sick 7850

Sick 7850
Sick 7850 CiMax®







The Sick CiMAX 7850 Scanner uses advanced laser technology to locate and read 1-D symbologies, linear barcodes and to automatically decode in any orientation. It provides high-speed accuracy reading of coded information to meet your real-time requirements.

The CiMAX 7850 is an intelligent fixed-position laser scanner with high reading rates, local and network processing and control and user C programmability. CiMAX 7850 scanners are often used in Scan Tunnel applications to scan the leading and trailing sides of boxes.

The case of the 7850 is physically longer than the 7800 to accommodate a 90° deflection mirror, which permits the laser beam to output from the side instead of the front of the case. It is often used to scan the bottom of boxes as they pass over a break in the conveyor.

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