RVSI CiMatrix 7500

RVSI CiMatrix 7500
RVSI CiMatrix 7500 CiMax®







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The Computer Identics CiMAX 7500 is a fixed mount, intelligent laser reader with unique control capabilities.

It is designed specifically for applications where high read rates combined with distributed processing and control are critical.

The CiMAX 7500 combines a visible laser diode scanner with advanced decoding and signal processing techniques allowing for customized programming and processing of data and control of digital i/o ports.

The 7500 uses CIX (Code Information extraction) technology to increase the ability to read small labels. It's distributed (32 bit) processing capability allows you to build fault-tolerance right into your applications, and continue collecting data even if the host is "down". It is compatible with the C programming language.

See also: Siemens 7500

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7500131532 $895.00 1 Used
7500A114672 $895.00 2 Used
7500A124672 $895.00 6 Used
7500A134372 $895.00 32 Used
7500A134672 $895.00 2 Used
7500A143172 $895.00 3 Used
7500A144372 $895.00 10 Used
7500A144472 $895.00 1 Used
7500A162970121132 $895.00 9 Used
7500A162970121232 $895.00 11 Used
7500A162970131132 $895.00 3 Used
7500A162970131232 $895.00 1 Used
7500A162970141132 $895.00 2 Used
7500A162970331112 $895.00 1 Used
7500A174372 $895.00 4 Used
7500A334652 $895.00 1 Used
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