RVSI CiMatrix 7600

RVSI CiMatrix 7600
RVSI CiMatrix 7600 CiMax®







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The RVSI CiMAX 7600 integrated scanner and decoder is a robust unit that is ideal for most material handling and manufacturing applications.

These fixed position laser scanners provide superior performance in applications that have space limitations, but still require high scan rates and excellent reading rates.

All CiMAX 7600 Series scanners feature an on-board processor and 16 digital I/O lines for local programmability and control. Ports include : 25 pin FE I/O power, 9 pin FE StarNode, 9 pin M host.

See also: Sick 7600, Siemens 7600

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Description
7600-147172 $995.00 3 Used Config #147172

7600-147119 $995.00 Used Config #147119
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Portable Data Terminal RVSI CiMatrix 1400
Sensors RVSI CiMatrix 7655AR04F12S
Wiring Base RVSI CiMatrix 888
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