RVSI CiMatrix 7555A

RVSI CiMatrix 7555A
RVSI CiMatrix 7555A CiMax®







The Computer Identics CiMAX 7555A is an integrated fixed mount scanner and decoder.

It is designed specifically for applications where high read rates combined with distributed processing and control are critical.

The CiMAX 7555A ideal for applications such as high speed sorting, automated distribution, quality control systems, and intelligent conveyor systems.

A rugged, die cast zinc housing gives it lasting durability, while precision optics and powerful electronics maximize reliability and ensure performance in the most demanding environments.

See also: Sick 7555A, Siemens 7555A

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7555A $1,295.00 13 Used 60° Angle, Config 144652
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RVSI Acuity CiMatrix
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