RVSI CiMatrix HE-35

RVSI CiMatrix HE-35
RVSI CiMatrix HE-35 HawkEye™







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The RVSI HawkEye HE-35 specializes in reading Data Matrix symbols and lower contrast marks. Incorporating the latest digital CMOS imaging, symbol recognition, and signal processing technology, it provides solid performance over a wide range of operating conditions. It's laser targeting system provides for easy point-and-shoot accuracy.

It uses a standard RS-232 serial port for its communication interface. It is compatible with a wide range of PCs and most portable data collection devices.

The HE35 hand-held barcode reader decodes and auto-discriminates one-dimensional (1-D) bar codes and two-dimensional (2-D) Data Matrix symbols.

It's connectivity options allow for the tracking of information from receiving and manufacturing through finished goods inventory, warehousing and distribution.

See also: Siemens HE-35

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