Siemens HE1515

Siemens HE1515
Siemens HE1515 HawkEye™



The HawkEye 1515 fixed-station reader delivers cutting-edge Data Matrix reading performance in a compact package that fits in the palm of your hand. Unique features such as the patented Quick-Set audiovisual alignment, auto-learn capability, and intelligent imaging simplify integration and deployment while providing easy setup, line changeover and maintenance without the use of an external PC.

The HawkEye boasts High-density LED's (630 nm), dual laser targeting Fixed ultra high-density lens Working distance from 2.13" (0.24 x 0.18" FoV) to 2.38" (0.26 x 0.20" FoV)

See also: RVSI CiMatrix HE1515

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014-HE1515-2 $895.00 Used

014-HE1515HD $895.00 Used
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