Auto Image ID 52

Auto Image ID 52
Auto Image ID 52 HawkEye™







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The Auto Image ID Data Matrix Direct Part Mark (DPM) Model 52 scanner with LytePype Illuminator is a hand held scanner used for reading DPM images on non-conventional surfaces. It is designed to operate over a wide range of applications which include direct mark symbols, paper labels, and laser etched or dot peened marks.

The scanner is fitted with a sophisticated new lighting product called the LytePype, the mark can be illuminated to create contrast even on white polyethylene. The LytePype controls direction of light from the source to enhance the contrast of the mark on the subject. It optimizes illumination angles and shields the surface from extraneous, uncontrolled light to read the low-contrast directly marked images.

See also: RVSI CiMatrix 52

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52 $795.00 5 Used w/LytePype Illuminator, serial cable no power supply
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