RVSI CiMatrix MXi

RVSI CiMatrix MXi
RVSI CiMatrix MXi





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The RSVI Acuity CiMatrix MXi is a hand-held symbology reader that reads high-density two-dimensional (2-D) symbols applied directly to manufactured parts, plus one-dimensional (1-D) bar codes and 2-D codes printed on labels-all without any modification or adjustment to the unit.

Direct part marking using the Data Matrix symbol allows organizations to benefit from unit level traceability through permanent marking of individual parts. It ensures that each part is identified throughout the manufacturing process and during the lifetime of the product.

The MXi is built for use in manufacturing and industrial environments, and weighing only nine ounces, it's ergonomically designed to be held comfortably in several positions for close range and long-distance reading.

With its revolutionary optics, lighting and image processing technology, it reads Data Matrix symbols marked with such diverse techniques as acid etch, chemical etch, dot peening and ink-jet printing applied to a variety of surfaces, ranging from PCB to aluminum, steel, glass and plastics.

See also: Siemens MXi

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