Metrologic IS8500

Metrologic IS8500
Metrologic IS8500 HoloTrak®









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The IS8500 produces 5,600 scan lines per second with a depth of field of 711.2 mm (28") and a width covering 558.8 (22"). The area defined is based conservatively on a 0.33 mm/0.013" bar code width. Actual scan areas will vary by label size and application.

The Metrologic IS-8500 series scanners bring the benefits of holography to long-range industrial bar code scanning. Enclosed in rugged NEMA-12 cases for industrial environments, they provide omnidirectional scanning with optional no code/wrong code warning. They can be mounted in any orientation and are capable of primary/secondary setup for added versatility.

The Metrologic IS8500 Series scanners provide omni- directional scanning with "no read" verification. Exclusive holographic technology produces either large area scanning or high density scanning for smaller labels.

The IS-8500 's scan area is 22% wider than the 8800, Its excellent balance of scan width and depth of field makes it the highest selling model in this series.

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