Metrologic IS8400

Metrologic IS8400
Metrologic IS8400 HoloTrak®









The IS8400 produces 3,360 scan lines per second with a depth of field of 711.2 mm (28") and a width covering 558.8 (22"). The area defined is based conservatively on a 0.33 mm/0.013" bar code width. Actual scan areas will vary by label size and application.

The Metrologic IS-8400 Series scanners provide omni- directional scanning with no read verification. Exclusive holographic technology produces either large area scanning or high density scanning for smaller labels.

The versatile HoloTrak Holographic scanner reads bar codes 13 mil and larger, reads 3,660 scan lines per second and is a perfect choice for a variety of applications.

The Metrologic IS8400 series scanners bring the benefits of holography to long-range industrial bar code scanning. Enclosed in rugged NEMA-12 cases for industrial environments, the IS-8400 series provides omnidirectional scanning with optional no code/wrong code warning. They can be mounted in any orientation and are capable of primary/secondary setup for added versatility.

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