Allen-Bradley 2755-LHR-5C

Allen-Bradley 2755-LHR-5C
Allen-Bradley 2755-LHR-5C





Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley StrataScan Bar Code Reader 2755-LHR uses holographic lens technology to create multiple scan lines at different layers for a depth of field of up to 42-inch.

The only moving part is a single holographic disk that replaces the focusing lens, light collection lens, and the rotating or oscillating mirror used in standard laser scanners.

As the 2755LHR StrataScan's holographic disk rotates, the lenses on both the out bound and return paths focus up to five visible laser diodes to generate up to 105 scan lines per rotation.

At 4,200 RPM, up to 7,300 scans lines are generated, which enhances scanning performance. Unlike other omni-directional readers, which usually have a cone shaped read area, StrataScan repeats the same scan pattern over multiple focal lengths. This produces a consistent read width from the top to the bottom of the read area.

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