Datalogic DS-6100

Datalogic DS-6100
Datalogic DS-6100







Datalogic's DS6100 is a technologically advanced and proved bar code reading system representing a complete solution for the widest range of applications in the material handling sector.

It has been developed to fulfill the most demanding material handling identification requirements, combining a perfect mix of advanced research and solid experience for extremely innovative applications.The high frequency laser diode modulation system of the DS 6100 guarantees complete immunity to ambient light and allows installation in any working area.

Some of the main features of DS6100 are: scanning speed 800 scans/sec. for standard models; higher speeds available on request; 2 serial communication interfaces; reads all popular codes; supply voltage from 10 to 30 VDC; and electrical connection through connectors or through a junction box.

Additional features include: separate test mode to verify the reading features and exact positioning of the scanner without the need for external tools; programmable in 5 different operating modes to suit the most various barcode reading system requirements; a light source: solid state laser diode; the light emitted has a wave length of 650~680 nm; low power consumption; and IP65 protection class of the enclosure; the reader is therefore suitable for industrial environments where high protection against harsh external conditions is required.

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DS-6100-1100 $3,472.00 $1,295.00 2 Used

DS-6100-1100/GGC-05 $3,472.00 $995.00 Used GFC-05 Angled Scanner

DS-6100-3100 $895.00 Used

DS-6100-3100 $1,495.00 New (Old Stock) Software, Manual, Connection Box

DS-6100-3100/GGC-05 $1,295.00 Used GFC-05 Angled Scanner
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