Datalogic DS-6300

Datalogic DS-6300
Datalogic DS-6300





The Datalogic DS6300 Datalogic scanner is designed to offer a complete and modular solution in terms of reading performance, connectivity, ease of use and maintenance.

This unit is equipped with a "2-step" mechanically adjustable focusing optic, providing the scanner with a reading range from 250 mm to 2,000 mm. The reading field width at the minimum distance and reading performance on very low contrast bar codes are among the main benefits of this scanner.

It is also available with an integrated SW programmable oscillating mirror and built-in connectivity to Ethernet, DeviceNet, and Profibus. The DS 6300 provides mid-range industrial bar code reading with top-class performance for an optimal solution to a wide range of manufacturing applications both in the factory floor and warehouse.

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DS6300-105-012 $1,295.00 1 Used Oscillating Mirror, Ethernet Decoder
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