Datalogic DS-2200

Datalogic DS-2200
Datalogic DS-2200


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The Datalogic DS2200 has high scanning speed and optical quality together with the new generation real time decoder and flexible decoding software, provide high decoding performance and reliability, even of damaged or poorly printed bar codes, for the most popular bar code symbologies.

Integration into automated equipment is extremely easy thanks to the miniature dimensions and its light weight. The dual serial interface increases the device's versatility and connectivity, allowing multi-point scanning configurations through Master-Slave or Multiplexer connections.

The DS2200 represents Datalogic's response to the high technology needs of OEM 's looking for extremely compact and cost effective components to integrate into their automatic equipment.

Thanks to Datalogic's recognized high quality standards, system manufacturers can be confident that the scanners installed in their machines will improve overall system performance and reliability.

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Description
DS2200 $595.00 1 Used
DS22001100 $595.00 5 Used Standard Resolution, Linear, RS-485/RS-232, 5VDC, DB25F Connector
DS22001100 $795.00 1 New (Old Stock) Standard Resolution, Linear, RS-485/RS-232, 5VDC, IBM 8-Pin Connector, Special IBM Version RFU P/N 35L0834 Mfg 2003-03-11
DS22001110 $795.00 8 New (Old Stock) Standard Resolution, Raster, RS-485/RS-232, 5VDC, DB25F Connector
DS22001110 $595.00 9 Used Standard Resolution, Raster, RS-485/RS-232, 5VDC, DB25F Connector

DS22002110 $795.00 New (Old Stock) High Resolution, Raster, RS-485/RS-232, 5VDC
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