Allen-Bradley 2755-L6

Allen-Bradley 2755-L6
Allen-Bradley 2755-L6





The Allen-Bradley AtomScan L6 scanner uses a visible laser diode to generate a small, concentrated light beam which is reflected off a 10-sided rotating mirror through the upper window.

Light reflected from the symbol comes back through the lower window, and is detected by a light sensor, which changes it to electrical signals.The signals are sent to a decoder for further processing.

Scan beams from the AtomScan L6 are projected either as a single line or as a raster pattern, depending on the Catalog Number ordered. Both options use a 10-sided mirror to reflect the laser beam out the scanner window. The raster type scanner is useful for reading poor quality bar code symbols.

The Single-Line Option projects its ten scan lines per rotation so they follow the same path, and appear to be a single scan line.The Raster Option deflects its ten scan lines up and down through 2 degrees of arc during each rotation.

See also: Intermec 2852, Microscan MS-520

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Description
2755-L6RA $595.00 1 Used Raster Lines
2755-L6RB $595.00 1 Used Raster Lines, 8-50-mil (.20-1.27mm)
2755-L6SA $595.00 3 Used Single Line, 5-8-mil (.12-.20mm)
2755-L6SB $595.00 49 Used Single Line, 5-8-mil (.12-.20mm)
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