Microscan MS-520

Microscan MS-520
Microscan MS-520




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Engineered for speed and accuracy, the MS-520 high speed scan head touts an impressive scan rate of 900 scans per second. It outputs a digitized signal ready for decoding, and connects to a Microscan MS-3000 decoder via an 8-pin modular connector and cable.

The Microscan scan head is ideal for systems that require precise, high speed automated bar code data acquisition, including clinical, photo finishing, document handling, and electronics manufacturing applications.

A spinning, 10-sided mirror delivers reliable, redundant scanning of fast moving labels. The MS-520's laser beam is reflected through a 60° arc up to 900 times per second along a single line or 2° raster.Direct connection to the Microscan MS-3000 decoder, which provides real-time decoding and instantaneous data trans-mission to the host computer, is supplied via an 8-pin modular connector and cable.

Built-in mounting holes allow for easy and quick positioning of the MS520 scan head, whether using a mounting plate or a Microscan Universal Stand (available in 4-inch, 6-inch, or 10-inch heights). The cube-shape, coupled with a wide scan angle and large depth of field further expands positioning options.he double-window photo-detector allows the MS-520 to capture more reflected light (from a wide, 60° scan angle), and thereby delivers greater scanning accuracy. Microscan's proprietary light-pipe transmits light to a pair of photo-diodes that convert light energy into an analog electrical wave that is digitized and transmitted to the decoder.

The MS-520 scans virtually all widely used bar code symbologies, including: Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC/EAN, Code 128, and Code 49.

See also: Allen-Bradley 2755-L6, Intermec 2852

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Branded
FIS-0520-0001 $995.00 $495.00 50 Used Single Line, Low Density
FIS-0520-0002 $995.00 $795.00 4 New (Old Stock) Raster, Low Density
FIS-0520-0002 $995.00 $495.00 15 Used Raster, Low Density
FIS-0520-0004 $995.00 $795.00 1 New (Old Stock) Raster, High Density
FIS-0520-0004 $995.00 $495.00 1 Used Raster, High Density
FIS-0520-0010 $995.00 $495.00 6 Used Raster, low density, oval spot, visible laser
FIS-0520-0144 $995.00 $495.00 2 Used
FIS-0520-0145 $995.00 $495.00 15 Used
FIS-0520-0147 $995.00 $495.00 6 Used
FIS-0520-0150 $995.00 $795.00 1 New (Old Stock) Intermec 2852A02

FIS-0520-0001 $995.00 $795.00 New (Old Stock) Single Line, Low Density

FIS-0520-0003 $995.00 $495.00 Used Single Line, High Density

FIS-0520-0003 $995.00 $795.00 New (Old Stock) Single Line, High Density

FIS-0520-0010 $995.00 $795.00 New (Old Stock) Raster, low density, oval spot, visible laser

FIS-0520-0017 $995.00 $495.00 Used

FIS-0520-0146 $995.00 $495.00 Used Single Line, Diffused Front Panel (not shown)

FIS-0520-2001 $995.00 $495.00 Used
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