Accu-Sort 2755-SN3

Accu-Sort 2755-SN3
Accu-Sort 2755-SN3 AdaptaScan®







The Accu-Sort AdaptaScan 2755-SN3 is 300 scans per second barcode reader packaged in a compact, rugged, NEMA 4 rated cast-aluminum enclosure. It's detachable wiring base (sold separately) provides water-tight strain relief for cable entry, and terminal blocks for all electrical connections. The scanning unit plugs onto the wiring base and mounts with four screws, completing the NEMA 4 enclosure.

The 2755SN3 has an extensive array of interfacing options, including DeviceNet, DH-485, DF1, and RS-232/422/485. Two optional solid-state I/O modules can be used for interfacing with a wide range of industrial equipment. Diagnostic LEDs built into the top of the scanning unit provide system status information at a glance.

Using the Windows® based configuration software, scan pattern, focus and communication changes can be made to the AdaptaScan on-site in a matter of minutes, enabling the stocking of a generic spare to support many different applications.

An array of AdaptaScan can be used in a peer-to-peer arrangement to allow for the sharing of input and output signals, and the routing of bar code data through one specific unit, eliminating the need for a separate multiplexer in many applications.

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