Symbol LS-1004

Symbol LS-1004
Symbol LS-1004







The Symbol LS-1004 scanner is based on the Visible Laser Diode (VLD). This technology gives the LS1004 a broader scan zone, a visible scan beam and much greater depth of field.

The Spark provides a native RS-232-C serial protocol.

The LS1004 is ergonomically designed and lightweight to reduce end user fatigue.

Use Symbol's Synapse® "smart cable" for connectivity to any type of host by a simple change of a cable. This reduces inventory stocking requirements while providing a cost-effective path for easy upgrades. Symbol's patented *Mylar® scan element eliminates motor wear and consumes less power, providing reliable performance and extending battery life in portable data terminal applications.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Comes with Sold separately
LS-1004-I000 $595.00 $145.00 7 Used Non-Decoded Cable
LS-1004-I100 $595.00 $145.00 46 Used Non-Decoded Cable

LS-1004 $560.00 $195.00 New (Old Stock) Decoded DB9 RS-232 Cable, Power supply

LS-1004-I000 $595.00 $195.00 New (Old Stock) Non-Decoded Cable

LS-1004-I100 $595.00 $195.00 New (Old Stock) Non-Decoded Cable
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