NEC BCR 2626

NEC BCR 2626
NEC BCR 2626







Various manufacturing lines such as semi-conductor manufacturing, warehousing distribution systems or robotic lines with automated bar code readers, need the small and lightweight sensor-like bar code readers like DENSEI 's BCR2600.

The BCR series was developed by DENSEI, a leading manufacturer of bar code readers for factory automation. It is based on DENSEI 's high technological capabilities and years of experience. The newly released BCR2600 series was designed with micro-miniaturization, lightweight and built-in decoding and requires limited space for installation.

An optional special controller can be used to transfer the data via an RS-232-C interface to the host computer, by connecting up to 31 BCR2600 bar code readers through RS-485 interfaces. It can operate up to a distance of 1 km (0.6 mi) maximum.

With the combined use of the readers and the controller one can easily build up a customized net work system.

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