Metrologic TECH 7 775

Metrologic TECH 7 775
Metrologic TECH 7 775







Metrologic's TECH 7 laser bar code projection scanner is a heavy-duty scanner capable of operating in a wide variety of environments. Encased in an NEMA-12 steel case. The case construction enables the scanner to operate in harsh surroundings, especially industrial environments.

The Tech 7 is available in two models,the MS-770 and MS-775. These units are water-resistant, shock-resistant, and rugged in addition to being fast, aggressive and reliable. It can register bar codes at a range of 76 mm - 254 mm (3" - 10") and can auto discriminate among all common codes.

To accommodate special applications, two different scan patterns are available: an omnidirectional pattern of 20 interlocking lines (Model MS770); or a 12-line raster pattern (Model MS775).

Each model has a VLD design, a scan speed of up to 2000 lines per second, and uses less than 8 watts of power.

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