Metrologic TECH 8 MS870

Metrologic TECH 8 MS870
Metrologic TECH 8 MS870







The TECH 8 (MS870 & MS875) is Metrologic's medium-range projection laser bar code scanner,engineered for use in industrial environments or extreme conditions.

The TECH-8 's construction enables the scanner to operate in harsh surroundings, especially industrial environments. Water-resistant, shock-resistant, and rugged, the TECH 8 scanner is also fast, aggressive and reliable. It can register bar codes at a range of 203 mm - 457 mm(8" - 18") and can auto discriminate among all common codes. The rugged NEMA-12 steel casing protects against water, shock and airborne particulate contaminants such as dust and falling dirt.

Among the scanner's many features is an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) in the decoding system that virtually eliminates misreads and MECCA© (Metrologic Enhanced Code Correcting Algorithm). MECCA© enables the scanner to read poorly printed, wrinkled or even torn bar codes on the first pass.

To suit a variety of scanning applications, the TECH 8 is available in two models: Model 870: 1,250 scan lines per second with an Omnidirectional Scan Pattern (20 interlocking lines) and the Model 875: 450 scan lines per second with a Raster Scan Pattern (6 lines)

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