Unitech PT860

Unitech PT860
Unitech PT860


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The Portable Terminal model PT-860 is a rugged, compact and light-weight handheld computer with a 16-bit CPU, up to 512 KB RAM storage, back lit graphic LCD, keyboard and RS-232-C interface.

It incorporates an emulated MS-DOS system that provides users a PC/AT compatible environment to develop and use the application software. This versatile handheld computer is suitable for a wide range of automatic identification applications like item tracking, inventory control, job cost analysis, production control, quality control, order entry, record-keeping, shipping & receiving, video tape rental and data processing out in the field.

The PT-860 also supports bar code scanner interface to read bar code labels and is ideal for applications with bar code input.

It operates by use of either a rechargeable NiCd pack or four AA alkaline batteries, and the system also incorporates a power management circuit with active, standby and shutdown modes to efficiently control power consumption. A lithium backup battery protects data stored in the RAM when the power from the main battery (not included) has been used up or removed.

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PT860 $595.00 2 Used 128K RAM, v2.05 Battery
PT860 $795.00 2 New (Old Stock) 512K RAM Battery

PT8602 $595.00 New (Old Stock) 512K RAM Battery
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