Unitech PT700

Unitech PT700
Unitech PT700





The Unitech PT-700 is Portable Data Capture Computer with built in laser bar code scanner,

This unit features a DOS Based Operating System and a large 8 x 20 character display. A built in ear plug jack allows feedback confirmation of keystrokes and scanned bar codes in noisy environments.

The rugged PT700 has a 16-bit CPU, up to 1.5 MB RAM storage,back lit graphic LCD and keyboard. It incorporates a DOS based system that provides users with a PC/AT compatible environment in which to develop application programs using standard C compilers.

Many applications can be covered by the simple for the table data capture program of the unit.

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PT700 $495.00 6 Used
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Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 891-6400
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(800) 861-8648