Unitech MS910

Unitech MS910
Unitech MS910





The Unitech MS910 scanner is a miniaturized barcode scanner featuring wireless technology. Lightweight and easy to use, this scanner ensures the productivity and mobility of your business application. The barcode scanner uses a linear imager to capture retail barcodes from up to 6 inches away. With the MS910's aggressive scanning, barcodes are read at up to 240 scans per second, keeping up with even high volume scanning environments. The bluetooth radio in the MS910 provides easy pairing to your laptop, tablet, or even iPhone or Android devices. A 40-foot radio range ensures you stay connected to your Bluetooth -enabled device, keeping the data collection process running smoothly.

The MS910 provides the convenience of wireless technology with the simplicity of a single button scanning design which makes barcode data collection simple, reliable and efficient for all users.

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MS910-CUBB00-SG $110.00 Used Linear Imager, Bluetooth, USB Wrist Strap
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