HHP ST5770

HHP ST5770
HHP ST5770 ScanTeam®



Cordless Scanning brings a new level of flexibility and productivity to applications using automatic data collection with the Hand Held Products ScanTeam 5770.

The cordless ST5770 system, designed to be easy to use, consists of the long range laser scanner plus the SCAN TEAM ® 2070 host interface base unit. With of working range of more than 26 feet (8 meters), the ST-5770 is ideally suited for warehousing and other applications where a large depth of field is required.

The ScanTeam 5770 cordless scanner addresses the needs of many applications. The cordless scanner is also ideal for manufacturing applications, such as work-in-process, where safety may be an issue. Eliminating the cables prevents the cord from getting entangled in machinery and equipment, thus avoiding the chance of an accident.

Other applications include interfacing to RF LAN based terminals mounted on forklift trucks, tool crib management,asset tracking, inventory control, and point-of-sale terminals. The ST-5770 is designed for tough industrial use, such as on loading docks, where shipping and receiving of materials requires the freedom to move around.

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ST5770HPA $2,405.00 $495.00 Used

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ST5770STDA $2,405.00 $495.00 Used
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