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TPS 5310
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Lightweight and simple to use, the TPS Electronics 5318 and 5310 series laser scanners are an ideal choice for most all of your barcode scanning needs.You get snappy reliable reading performance for both industrial environments as well as in the front office.

The scanner's spring-return trigger, high-impact optics, shock-absorbing rubber cap, and enhanced cable strain relief help make the 5318 the ideal scanner in heavy use environments.

The 5310 is solid, compact, easy to use, and will provide consistent, reliable performance in a wide range of environments.

It boasts easy-to-read LED indicators to let the operator know when the unit is in scanning mode and has successfully read a barcode.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description
5310-HP1088 $1,495.00 $595.00 1 Used Intermec Compatible
5318-3327 $1,495.00 $595.00 4 Used Intermec Compatible
53183927 $1,495.00 $595.00 6 Used Intermec Compatible
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