Symbol PDF-620

Symbol PDF-620
Symbol PDF-620


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Symbol Technologies PDF 620 Card Reader is designed for accurate first-time reading of PDF417 symbols.

It is a high performance unit that is capable of reading PDF417 symbology for a variety of identification card applications - including national identification and benefit cards (for state, provincial and federal government), drivers licenses, health benefits and services, retail loyalty, and access control cards.

The PDF-620 is so intuitive and easy to use, that no special user training is required.

The PDF 620 table top unit interfaces to its host via RS-232-C, and has bright LED lights to indicate "Ready" and "Scan/Decode" status.

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Comes with
PDF-620-000 $495.00 1 Used Power supply
PDF-620-000 $595.00 1 New (Old Stock) Power supply
PDF-620-B00 $495.00 1 Used Power supply
PDF-620-B00 $595.00 11 New (Old Stock) RS-232 Cable, Power supply
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