Symbol WSS-1019

Symbol WSS-1019
Symbol WSS-1019


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The WSS 1019 Wearable Scanning System from Symbol Technologies helps users achieve new levels of productivity and accuracy while advanced ergonomics make them easy to use and comfortable to wear. Scanning, portable computing and wireless networking can now be performed while the user's hands remain totally free. Plus, the WSS 1019 system represent breakthroughs in miniaturization, performance and data transmission. These new capabilities can increase productivity and ease of use in warehousing, transportation/logistics, manufacturing, retailing and other industries including e-commerce.

The WSS 1019 is used with the RS 1 Ring Scanner and is worn on the index finger. It is activated by pointing the finger at the bar code while pressing the thumb against a trigger. The RS 1 Ring Scanner is the smallest wearable laser scanner in the world, weighing only 1.7 oz./48 gm and just 0.9 in./23 mm high. The WWC1019 computers is worn on the forearm and include a CPU, display, keyboard,battery pack and Spectrum One wireless communications.

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WSS10191986S000 $1,395.00 1 Used Spectrum One, 8-Line, 916MHz Short-Range Radio, 640K RAM Scanner
WSS10191986S000 $1,595.00 1 New (Old Stock) Spectrum One, 8-Line, 916MHz Short-Range Radio, 640K RAM Scanner
WSS1019WU1010146C0010 $1,395.00 4 Used Spectrum One Scanner
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