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Symbol P460
Symbol P460


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The P460 memory scanner from Symbol Technologies is designed to minimize fatigue in scan-intensive applications. This batch data collection tool allows you to collect data while freely roaming the premises for up to 12 hours. To download data, simply drop the unit into the cradle connected to the host.

It can also operate in a corded mode when cabled to a host.The P460 ships with a built-in inventory application enabling users to manually key in alphanumeric data and quantities. You can also review and delete existing records right out of the box using the top-mounted keypad and display with the P 460 scanner.

Available in two configurations, the P460 deliver the scanning performance users have come to expect from Symbol.Sealed to IP54 standards, the P460 is suited for extreme environments and withstands multiple 6 ft./1.8 m drops to concrete,making it ideal for warehouse, yard or loading dock applications.

The P460 delivers identical data capture functionality for in-store uses like gift registry, POS scanning, inventory counts and price checks.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Color
P460RM1212111WW $1,695.00 $595.00 5 Used Beige
P460RM1212114WW $1,695.00 $595.00 5 Used Beige
P460SR1211100WW $1,590.00 $595.00 1 Used 1MB Retail
P460SR1211113WW $1,695.00 $595.00 1 Used Beige
P460SR1212000WW $1,695.00 $595.00 1 Used
P460SR1212011WW $1,695.00 $595.00 3 Used 1MB Retail
P460SR1212111WW $1,695.00 $595.00 4 Used 1MB Retail
P460SR1212114WW $1,695.00 $795.00 1 New (Old Stock) Beige
P460SR1212114WW $1,695.00 $645.00 16 Used Beige
P460SR1214100WW $1,695.00 $645.00 90 Used 4MB Retail
P460SR1214114WW $1,695.00 $645.00 2 Used
P460SR1214118WW $1,695.00 $645.00 1 Used

P460 $645.00 Used 4MB

P460PSR1212100WW $1,695.00 $595.00 Used 1MB Retail

P460SR1212000WW $1,695.00 $795.00 New (Old Stock) 1MB Retail

P460SR1212100WW $1,695.00 $595.00 Used 1MB Retail

P460SR1214100WW $1,695.00 $795.00 New (Old Stock) 4MB Retail
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