Symbol LS-2104

Symbol LS-2104
Symbol LS-2104







The Symbol LS 2104 HotShot scanner is light and simple to use. It's ergonomically designed handle and soft-touch trigger reduce operator fatigue and enhance productivity.

The LS-2104 is a decoded scanner provided a serial RS-232-C interface and utilized Symbol's acclaimed SE 1200 Scan Engine.

The benefits derived from the many features of the LS 2104 HotShot scanner boost end-user productivity.

The LS2104 HotShot's excellent scanning range of up to 11-inch, and 5-mil high-density bar codes from 0.5" to 2.5". It boasts Symbol's patented Mylar scan element which eliminates wear providing years of dependable performance, and uses less power, extending battery life in portable applications.

LS-2100 series includes: LS-2100, LS-2104, LS-2106 & LS-2108 scanners.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description
LS2104-I009 $595.00 $225.00 3 Used RS-232

LS2104-I000 $595.00 $225.00 Used RS-232

LS2104-I000N $595.00 $225.00 Used RS-232
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