Symbol LS-1006

Symbol LS-1006
Symbol LS-1006







The Symbol LS 1006 Spark Series hand-held scanner provides superior bar code data collection in most retail and light industrial applications.The LS1006 Spark was engineered with an ergonomic design to ensure user comfort for extended periods of time. Based on the Visible Laser Diode (VLD) technology, the LS1006 has a broader decode zone, a visible scan beam and greater depth of field.

Symbol Spark LS 1006 Feature Include:

Optimized laser focusing for accurate bar code reading from contact to 9"/23 UPC/EAN symbols across a variety of code sizes and print qualities.Symbol's Synapse® "smart cable" for connectivity to any type of host by a simple change of a cable,A patented *Mylar® scan element that eliminates motor wear and consumes less power, providing years of dependable performance and extending battery life in portable applications and an ergonomic aim-and-shoot design is easy to use, minimizing operator training.

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LS-1006-I000 $560.00 $145.00 12 Used PS2 Keyboard-Wedge Cable
LS-1006-I011 $560.00 $145.00 1 Used PS2 Keyboard-Wedge Cable

LS-1006-I000 $560.00 $195.00 New (Old Stock) PS2 Keyboard-Wedge Cable
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