Sick CLV505

Sick CLV505
Sick CLV505







The Sick CLV505 is an extremely compact, lightweight barcode scanner available in RS232 or USB format. It offers fast reliable decoding, even on poorly printed or partly damaged codes and easily can be installed where space is limited.

The CLV500 series also is easy to configure via its online tool and configuration bar codes. The scanners offer good decoding performance, with a large depth of field that allows for flexibility in code size and target placement. The ultra compact series instruments are suitable for use in applications in the OEM and machine builder marketplaces, such as packaging systems, circuit board processing and robotic inspection. Because of its high scanning frequency of 1000 Hz, the CLV505 is suitable for conveyor speeds of up to 5 m/s, depending upon the application. One of the smallest 1-D bar-code scanners available, it fits in extremely small spaces and also is available in a raster version.

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CLV505-1110 $850.00(est) $725.00 1 New (Old Stock) Grid scanner, front reading window, cable with USB plug, USB VCP/HID data interface
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