Sick CLV220

Sick CLV220
Sick CLV220





The Sick compact CLV 220 is the only scanner of its size in the industry to employ adjustable focus control and a 1200Hz scan rate.

The features make it ideal for high speed applications, such as pharmaceutical product/label verification and high speed web lines and can accommodates reading ranges between 2" and 16".

The CLV-220 's integrated decoder achieves a 1200 Hz scan rate without compromising accurate real-time decoding or maximum throughput.

It is also simple to operate, thanks to its Windows-based software interface. One of it's unique trademarks is its reversible exit window which can provide end light or side light emission for mounting flexibility in limited space applications.

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CLV2200010S07 $695.00 1 Used 15 PIN
CLV220A1010 $695.00 5 Used
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