Sick CLV214

Sick CLV214
Sick CLV214


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The Sick CLV214 is a compact scanner with a selectable scan rate ranges from 200 to 1200 Hz. The reversible exit window provides convenient end or side light emission for flexibility in limited space applications. The CLV 214 has advanced features that set it apart as the smallest fully integrated, high resolution, high speed scanner on the market today.

Like all SICK bar code scanners, the CLV 214 is easy-to-use The combination of size, speed, convenience and flexibility makes the CLV 214 ideal for use with label rewind lines, high speed printing webs, lottery printing lines, product/label verification, and printed circuit board identification applications.

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CLV214-A0010 $795.00 3 New (Old Stock) 15-pin connector
CLV214-A0010 $695.00 1 Used 15-pin connector
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