PSC Powerwedge 20

PSC Powerwedge 20
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The many features and benefits of the PowerWedge 20 decoder include: a smaller footprint, optimized performance, added symbologies, improved trigger modes, and backward compatibility with all current decoder cables and settings. A cloning feature enables the user to program multiple units in seconds from a single master unit.

For the most demanding applications, the PowerWedge 20 is a universal decoder, which can be used as either a keyboard wedge or a serial wedge decoder. Over 300 computers and terminals interface with the PowerWedge 20; in addition, an external serial device such as a scale may be connected using an auxiliary serial connector located on the back of the unit.

The Power-Wedge 20 features input editing for data formatting and redirection, host controlled indicators, and serial baud rates up to 57.6K. It supports 16 bar code symbologies and is fully programmable using on-screen menus, a bar code menu, bar code batch labels, serial batch files, or cloning.

A PowerWedge 20 dual model is also available, allowing users to connect their choice of up to two input devices and one magnetic stripe reader at one time.

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