Opticon 25-WEDGE-06

Opticon 25-WEDGE-06
Opticon 25-WEDGE-06





For fast, easy to use scanners for all your close range scanning needs, the Opticon 25-WEDGE-06 CCD Scanner is the clear choice used worldwide.

With superior optics and trigger operation, this scanner sets a new standard in reliable, comfortable, easy-to-use scanning in retail and light industrial environments.

The Opticon 25-WEDGE-06 offer price performance value for PC, terminal and handheld portable attachment. With no moving parts, the 25-WEDGE-06 is ideally suited for years of use in industrial, office, and point of sale applications.

It is easily programmable to allow a selection of bar code formats, buzzer and scan operations, suffixes and many other functions. It's high resolution makes it easy to read, even in direct sunlight or strong lighting conditions.

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25-WEDGE-06 $125.00 New (Old Stock) 9pin adapted to KBW
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