NCR RealScan 7832

NCR RealScan 7832
NCR RealScan 7832







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The NCR RealScan 7832 is a small, durable handheld scanner featuring a mechanical/magnetic laser scan engine. It is designed to offer a true laser scanner at the price of wand or CCD technology, for price-sensitive retail applications such as POS, receiving, and inventory control/ordering.

The NCR RealScan 7832 reads popular linear bar code types including UPC/EAN, Code 3 of 9 (39) and Code 128 – used in retail and distribution settings. It scans items from a distance of 2.5 to 7 inches and reads small codes down to 10 mil wide. Low-cost AAA batteries power the handheld without drawing power from the host computer or POS terminal, which allows it to work in either a "tethered" or "batch" mode. Its ergonomic design works equally well in the operator’s right or left hand using a central scanning button.

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