Microvision Flic

Microvision Flic
Microvision Flic

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The Microvision Flic Tethered/Batch Scanner Model HS2120-MV is ideal for tracking inventory, assets, documents,pharmaceuticals, and many other applications.

It has all the performance of more expensive laser scanners plus the convenience of hand-held portability, and the advantage of low power consumption.

The Flic Model HS2120MV is simple and affordable. Just connect the Flic scanner to your host for real-time scanning or unplug it and scan hundreds of bar codes to download later.

The Flicware wedge software is downloadable for use with Windows PC's.

See also: NCR RealScan 7832

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Branded

HS2120MV $99.95 $89.00 New (Old Stock) Tethered/Batch

HS2122 $99.95 $59.00 Used Scanner only Intelliscanner, Collectorz.com

MS2200-BT $59.00 Used Scanner only, Bluetooth

MS2200-BT $99.00 New (Old Stock) Bluetooth
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