HHP IT3900

HHP IT3900
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The HHP IMAGETEAM IT3900 is a fixed position linear imager that adds bar code scanning to kiosks and other OEM applications.

It uses linear imaging technology to deliver a bright,sharp aiming line, and fast reading and decoding that makes scanning intuitive and simple.

The IT-3900 has an automatic trigger mode for constant scanning or can be used in a presentation mode, where the scanner is turned on when a bar code is placed in its viewing area. Scanning can also be controlled by the host computer via serial commands.

The IT3900 can connect via keyboard wedge, RS-232-C serial interface, or into USB ports in IBM-compatible PCs or Apple computers.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description
IT3900-12 $575.00 $275.00 1 Used
IT39004E0554 $575.00 $275.00 39 Used Special RS-232 9-Pin Interface, requires power
IT3900LX-12 $575.00 $275.00 1 Used

IT390012E153740 $575.00 $275.00 Used

IT390030204-0016 $575.00 $275.00 Used USB Interface
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