Datalogic 11000

Datalogic 11000
Datalogic 11000 LazerData™


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The PSC LazerData 11000 is a compact, fixed position line scanner that is a cost-effective solution designed for factory automation applications and original equipment manufacturers.

The LazerData LD-11000 is built to be tough but also sized to be positioned in any orientation. It combines advanced research with a quarter century of experience in the material handing business. Designed for material and package handling, it provides a high performance scanning solution.

Superior reading capabilities are assured by the PSC LazerData LD 11000 's combination of a digital preprocessor, a high-speed computing microprocessor, and powerful decoding software. And with the advanced optical system, you'll get outstanding performance in any reading condition and with any bar code symbology.

The LazerData 11000 scanner reaches a maximum scanning speed of 600 scans per second and can read bar codes with resolutions as small as 6-mil (0.152 mm). The maximum distance is 11.8-inch (30 cm) with a 10.2-inch (26 cm) depth of field.

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