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PSC's LazerData 8000, is a high performance fixed mount scanner in a small, rugged package that offers an integrated decoder, user configuration and the ability to read labels in a wide range of densities and sizes. In addition, the LazerData LD8000 is the first scanner of its kind to offer up to 4-position auto focus for outstanding depth of field reading.

The LazerData LD 8000 will delivery excellent performance in package sorting tunnel arrays as well as multiple scanner arrays on airline baggage conveyors. It is ideal for all industrial applications where it is necessary to read randomly placed items on high speed lines.

Its advanced features are many. High performance optics. Durable design. Minimal moving components. With all these advantages, the LD 8000 scanner will work flawlessly at the roughest, dirtiest, most demanding tasks such as package handling, airline baggage handling,material handling, manufacturing, distribution and more. Capabilities include the ability to read tilted labels, reconstruct damaged labels and the ability to handle packages with up to six labels.

The LazerData LD8000 performs a t500 scans per second to facilitate reading of high density codes. And it will deliver near 100% accuracy.

See also: Datalogic 8000

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