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AML M5900
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The AML M5900 portable data terminal is an ultra-versatile, high-performance terminal. The ergonomic design easily fits in even the smallest of hands. It is rugged, lightweight, compact and easy-to-use. The high resolution graphical display is capable of presenting a multitude of fonts and images.

The M-5900 utilizes a true, fully functional, Linux® operating system. The Linux® operating system is well known for its stability, speed and conservative memory usage. The Linux® operating system coupled with the high speed processor makes the M5900 one of the fastest portable data terminals on the market today. In test after test the Linux® operating system has out-performed DOS based and Windows® based operating systems when compared on similar hardware platforms.

Power saving features of the M5900 includes auto-off and power save modes, which reduce power consumption until the operator provides input. These features conserve battery power and lengthen the time between charges or battery replacement. This unit was designed to operate for a full 8 hour shift without requiring the battery to be recharged or replaced.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Sold separately
M5900-0101 $795.00 5 Used No Trigger Handle

M5900 $795.00 Used trigger handle

M5900-0101 $895.00 New (Old Stock)

M5900-0101-H $795.00 Used Trigger Handle

M5900i-0301 $995.00(est) $795.00 Used Long-range CCD scanner, 32MB RAM/16MB Flash Battery
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